The Team

Gladys San Juan - Director

elephant is Gladys' drama directorial debut. Previously she has directed music videos and co-produced award-winning shorts including fan film, The Hunt For Gollum. She has worked as script supervisor on projects including BAFTA winning short, Operator and was assistant script supervisor on Star Wars Episode 7. She has written and produced supernatural thriller, Ghost in The Machine which is currently in post production.

Noella Mingo - Writer & Producer

Noella has written for magazines and newspapers but elephant is her first short film screenplay. Noella also works as a stylist and is currently writing a novel about the goings on behind the scenes of a film set.

Damian Paul Daniel - Cinematographer & Producer

Damian was selected as a BAFTA Brit to Watch in 2011 and has shot everything from TV drama to films, documentaries and TVCs. As a producer on elephant, Damian was able to drive the project forward and implement many of his creative ideas, including shooting on film in black and white. 

Kara Lockett - Producer

Kara has worked in broadcast and brand media for more than eighteen years and has delivered a diverse range of film content from shorts and charity films to international daily news and luxury travel. Kara has been part of elephant's journey from the very first script.

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